Aerial photo with drone

With a drone we can deliver aerial photos of your property, land or fields for both private and commercial use at a much more affordable price than before, because the operation of a drone is much cheaper than a plane or a helicopter.

Aerial Photo Copenhagen Lakes
Aerial photo Bispebjerg Hospital

In the old days, one could not visit a country estate without at some point encountering the obligatory aerial photograph of the farm and the adjacent fields. It is an old and cosy tradition, which in addition has great effect – people always keep on an aerial photograph, because the different perspective gives a new view of what you take for granted.


We partner with real estate agents to produce drone photos or drone videos that sells where the dream home, plot or area is presented from above in a new perspective for the customer.

We work with drawing rooms to make drone films and aerial photographs of new buildings used in video presentations when the developer has to launch apartment complexes for new potential customers during the process or when the construction is complete.


Some of the brands we are proud to work with:


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